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// -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; -*-
// vi: set ts=2:


#     include <BALL/CONCEPT/embeddable.h>

#     include <BALL/DATATYPE/hashMap.h>

#     include <BALL/VIEW/KERNEL/connectionObject.h>

#     include <BALL/VIEW/KERNEL/representationManager.h>

#     include <BALL/VIEW/KERNEL/compositeManager.h>

#include <BALL/VIEW/KERNEL/shortcutRegistry.h>

# include <BALL/FORMAT/INIFile.h>

# include <BALL/SYSTEM/file.h>

# include <BALL/STRUCTURE/fragmentDB.h>

#include <QtGui/QKeySequence>
#include <QtGui/QMainWindow>
#include <QtGui/qapplication.h>
#include <QtGui/qmenubar.h> 
#include <QtGui/qlabel.h>
#include <QtCore/qtimer.h>

namespace BALL
      namespace VIEW
            class ModelInformation;
            class ModularWidget;
            class Preferences;
            class MainControlPreferences;
            class OpenSavePreferences;
            class NetworkPreferences;
            class GeometricObjectSelectionMessage;
            class SimulationThread;

            /**   MainControl is the main administration unit for a program and must be
                        used by all applications.
                        MainControl is also derived from Qt::QMainWindow and therefore the main
                        widget of an application must be derived from this class. Further it has the
                        necessary interface methods to create and update the menus of the main application.
                        MainControl is also a storage facility for Composite objects, the graphical
                        Representation and the inserted ModularWidget.
                        The interface for the Composite administration is implemented in CompositeManager, and for
                        the Representation 's in RepresentationManager.
                        Specialized methods exists for the adding, updateing and removing of Composites as well
                        as Representations. (see the update, insert and remove methods)
                        This class is also the root ConnectionObject and thus
                        it is responsible for the handling of all messages.
                        To add ModularWidgets all that is necessary are the creation of the derived modular
                        widgets with the MainControl as their parents like e.g.<br>
                        new DisplayProperties(this, "DisplayProperties");<br>
                        For examples have a look at BALL/source/APPLICATIONS/mainframe.C
                        MainControl also handles the Preferences dialog (and it's tab entry for some general 
                        and notifies all registered ModularWidgets if the preferences have changed.
                        The content of the Preferences dialog with all setup options is stored in an INIFile.
                        The default name of this file is ".BALLView".<br>
                        @see writePreferences
                        @see fetchPreferences
                        @see saveBALLViewProjectFile
                        @see loadBALLViewProjectFile
                        <b>Caveat:</b> Due to a peculiarity of the QT Meta Object Compiler (MOC)
                        you have to specify the full namespace qualified name of this class when deriving from it. \par
                        So don't use<br>
                        <tt> class foo : public MainControl </tt>; but <br>
                        <tt> class foo : public BALL::VIEW::MainControl </tt> instead. 
            \ingroup ViewKernelConnectivity
00104             class BALL_VIEW_EXPORT MainControl
                  : public QMainWindow,
                        public ConnectionObject,
                        public Embeddable
                  friend class RepresentationManager;
                  friend class SimulationThread;




                  /**   @name Enumerations
                  /**   Standard Popup menu IDs.
                              This enum defines symbolic names for the menu IDs of the most common popup menus.
                              The popups are created, if a menu entry is requested for any of the popups.
                              \see insertMenuEntry
00126                   enum PopUpID
                        /// File menu
00129                         FILE        = 10001,

                        /// File menu sub menu open
00132                         FILE_OPEN,

                        /// File menu sub menu open grid
00135                         FILE_OPEN_GRID,

                        /// File menu sub menu import [currently unused]
00138                         FILE_IMPORT,

                        /// File menu sub menu export
00141                         FILE_EXPORT,


                        /// Edit menu
00147                         EDIT = 10100,

                        /// Build menu 
00150                         BUILD = 10200,

                        /// Display menu 
00153                         DISPLAY = 10300,

                        /// Display Create submenu
00156                         DISPLAY_CREATE,
                        /// Display Viewpoint submenu
00159                         DISPLAY_VIEWPOINT,

                        /// Display Stereo submenu
00162                         DISPLAY_STEREO,
                        /// Display Animation submenu
00165                         DISPLAY_ANIMATION,

                        /// Simulations menu
00168                         MOLECULARMECHANICS = 10400,
                        /// Molmec submenu for force field selection
00171                         CHOOSE_FF,

                        /// Tools menu
00174                         TOOLS = 10500,

                        /// Grid submenu in Tools
00177                         TOOLS_GRID,

                        /// Python submenu in Tools
00180                         TOOLS_PYTHON,

                        /// Windows menu
00183                         WINDOWS = 10600,

                        /// Userdefined menus
00186                         USER = 10700,

                        /// Macros e.g. for Testing
00189                         MACRO = 10750,

                        /// Help menu
00192                         HELP = 10800

                  /**   @name Constructors and Destructor

                  /** Default Constructor.
                              Reads the the INIFile <tt>inifile</tt> and connects the qt signal 
                              <b> aboutToQuit </b> with the slot aboutToExit().
                              The state of the MainControl is:
                                    -  no Composite objects stored
                                    -  no Representation objects stored
                                    -  no general Preferences dialog added
                                    -  no MainControlPreferences dialog added
                              \param  parent the new parent widget
                              \param  name the new name of the widget
                              \param  inifile the new preferences filename
                              \see    INIFile
                              \see    Preferences
                  MainControl(QWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0 , String inifile = ".BALL.preferences");

                  /** Destructor.
                              Calls clear
                  virtual ~MainControl();
                  // copy ctor needed for Python support only!
                  MainControl(const MainControl& main_control);

                  /** Clear all data fast, to be called at exit only!
                  virtual void clear();

                  /** Clear all data, can be called at any time
                  void clearData();

                  /**   @name Methods to manage Representation(s)

                  /** Get the primitive manager.
                              The class RepresentationManager contains all Representation objects and GeometricObject.
00241                   RepresentationManager& getRepresentationManager()
                        { return primitive_manager_;}

                  /** Insert a Representation
                              The Representation must be created on the heap!!!
                              A RepresentationMessage with type NEW is send.
                              \return false if the RepresentationManager contains the Representation
                  bool insert(Representation& rep);

                  /** Remove a Representation
                              A RepresentationMessage with type REMOVE is send.
                              \return false if the RepresentationManager doesnt contain the Representation
                  bool remove(Representation& rep);

                  /** Update a Representation
                              A RepresentationMessage with type UPDATE and a SceneMessage is send.
                              \return false if the RepresentationManager doesnt contain the Representation
                  bool update(Representation& rep);

                  /** Redraws all Representation objects for a Composite.
                              If the Composite is not inserted into this MainControl <tt>false</tt> will be returned.
                              updateRepresentationsOf() is called after receiving a CompositeMessage with type CHANGED_COMPOSITE in onNotify().
                              It sends a RepresentationMessage with type UPDATE for every Representation, which was build for the 
                              Composite.  After this a SceneMessage is send to redraw the Scene.
                              If you changed a Composite in MainControl or a derived class, the MainControl doesnt get 
                              notified, from the CompositeMessage it sends. So you have to call this function instead 
                              of sending the message.
                              \param  composite the Composite that should be updated
                              \param  rebuild if set to true, the model is rebuilded, otherwise just the coloring is updated
                              \param  force is set to true, also rebuild non surface models (only usefull with rebuild = true)
                              \return true if an update was performed
                  bool updateRepresentationsOf(const Composite& composite, bool rebuild = true, bool force = false);

                  /** Redraws all inserted Representation, but doesnt change the Models.
                              \param rebuild_display_lists set to true lets the Scene rebuild the GLDisplayList objects.
                              \see updateRepresentationsOf
                  void redrawAllRepresentations(bool rebuild_display_lists = false);
                  /**   @name Methods to manage Shortcuts
                  /** Get the shortcut registry.
                              The class ShortcutRegistry is the owner of all shortcuts.
00293                   ShortcutRegistry& getShortcutRegistry() { return shortcut_registry_;}

                  /**   @name Methods to manage Composite(s)

                  /** Get the composite manager.
                              The class CompositeManager is the owner of all Composite objects.
00305                   CompositeManager& getCompositeManager()
                        { return composite_manager_;}
                  /** Insert a Composite and notify all ModularWidget.
                              The Composite has to be created on the heap!!!
                              A CompositeMessage with type NEW_COMPOSITE is send and
                              CompositeManager::insert called.
                              \return false if the CompositeManager contains the Composite
                  bool insert(Composite& composite, String name = "");

                  /** Remove a Composite and notify all ModularWidget.
                              A CompositeMessage with type REMOVED_COMPOSITE is send and
                              CompositeManager::remove called.
                              @param update update Representations if needed
                              \return false if the CompositeManager doesnt contain the Composite
                  bool remove(Composite& composite, bool to_delete = true, bool update = true);
                  /** Update a Composite in all ModularWidget.
                              This method differs wheter the composites hierarchy was changed or not.
                              The update is faster if the hierarchy is unchanged, because e.g. the
                              MolecularControl doesnt have to rebuild the ListViewItem tree.
                              A CompositeMessage with type CHANGED_COMPOSITE or CHANGED_COMPOSITE_HIERARCHY is send and
                              updateRepresentationsOf(composite) is called.
                              \return false if the CompositeManager doesnt contain the Composite
                  void update(Composite& composite, bool changed_hierarchy = true);
                  /// Get the HashSet with the selected (e.g. picked) Composite objects (const)
                  const HashSet<Composite*>& getSelection() const;

                  /// Get the HashSet with the selected (e.g. picked) Composite objects
                  HashSet<Composite*>& getSelection() ;

                  /// Get the selection (highlighted items) of the MolecularControl (not the selection with checkboxes)
                  List<Composite*>& getMolecularControlSelection();

                  /// If exactly one System is selected in the Control, return a pointer to this system, otherwise 0.
                  System* getSelectedSystem();

                  ///   Select a Composite recursive and add all Atom and AtomContainer objects to the selection.
                  void selectCompositeRecursive(Composite* composite, bool first_call=false);

                  /// Select a Composite recursive and add all Atom and AtomContainer objects to the selection.
                  void deselectCompositeRecursive(Composite* composite, bool first_call=false);

                  /** Clear Selection
                              Deselect all Composites and clear the selection list in the MainControl
                  void clearSelection();

                  /** Print some informations for the selection in the statusbar.
                              Called by selectComposites_().
                              If one Atom is selected, its position is printed.
                              If two Atom objects are selected, their distance,
                              for three Atom 's their angle and
                              for four Atom 's their torsion angle.
                              Else the number of items is printed.
                  void printSelectionInfos();

                  /**   @name Preferences and Configuration files
                  /// Save the current configuration, structures and representations to a BALLView project file (*.bvp)
                  void saveBALLViewProjectFile(const String& filename, bool binary = true);
                  /// Load a BALLView project file
                  void loadBALLViewProjectFile(const String& filename);

                  /** Fetch the preferences from the INIfile.
                              Calls fetchPreferences() for all registered ModularWidgets.
                              <b>Note:</b>If this method is overridden, call this method at the end of the
                              overriden method to make sure that the general preferences are fetched.
                              \param  inifile the INIFile that contains the needed values
                  virtual void fetchPreferences(INIFile &inifile);
                  /** Writes the widgets preferences to the INIFile.
                              Calls writePreferences() for all registered ModularWidgets and
                              <b>Note:</b> If this method is overridden, call this method at the end of the
                              overriden method to make sure that the general preferences are written.
                              \param  inifile the INIFile that contains the needed values
                  virtual void writePreferences(INIFile &inifile);
                  /// Restore the positions the main window and of all DockWindow's from the INIFile assigned to this instance.
                  virtual void restoreWindows();
                  /// Restore the positions the main window and of all DockWindow's from a given inifile
                  virtual void restoreWindows(const INIFile& inifile);
                  /** Mutable inspection of the INIFile.
                  INIFile& getINIFile();

                  /** Non-mutable inspection of the INIFile.
                  const INIFile& getINIFile() const;
                  /** Mutable inspection of the preferences dialog.
                              \return   Preferences* a pointer to the Preferences dialog, (<tt> 0</tt> if not present)
                  Preferences* getPreferences();
                  /** Apply all preferences.
                              This method is called automatically by applyPreferencesClicked() and calls
                              applyPreferences() for all registered ModularWidgets.
                              <b>Note:</b> If this method is overridden, call this method at the end of the
                              overriden method to make sure that the general preferences are applied.
                              \see    ModularWidget
                              \see    Preferences
                  virtual void applyPreferences();
                  /**   @name Management of ModularWidget(s) and Message(s)

                  /** Return the MainControl of an QObject.
                              This method returns the MainControl that should be the root of the
                              ConnectionObject tree from a given widget or dialog QObject.
                              Because we use the qt library, every widget or dialog has 
                              QObject as a base class. MainControl is the main application and therefore
                              all widgets and dialogs are its children. We use the qt
                              QObject tree mechanism to return the MainControl for a given QObject.\par
                              <b>Note</b>: This method is used internally from the ModularWidget registration process.
                              \return   MainControl* the root of the ConnectionObject tree
                              \see      ConnectionObject
                              \see      ModularWidget
                  static MainControl* getMainControl(const QObject* object);
                  /** Add a new ModularWidget to this MainControl.
                              This method will be called internally by the ModularWidget registration process.
                              So, if you dont know exactly what this method does, you will not need it!
                              \param  widget the ModularWidget to be inserted into this mainControl
                  void addModularWidget(ModularWidget* widget);

                  /** Remove a ModularWidget from the MainControl.
                              This method will be called internally by the ModularWidget registration process.
                              So, if you dont know exactly what this method does, you will not need it!
                              \param  widget the ModularWidget to be removed
                  void removeModularWidget(ModularWidget* widget);

                  /** Message handling method.
                              Handles messages sent by other registered ModularWidget objects.
                              Virtual function for overriden the message handling system. 
                              Take care to call this function in your own ModularWidget.
                              There is no need to call this function, because it will be called from the 
                              message handling mechanism.
                              <b>Remember:</b> A ModularWidget is not notified by the Messages it sends itself!
                              \param message the pointer to the message that should be processed
                              \see   ModularWidget
                              \see   Message
                  virtual void onNotify(Message *message);

                  /** Send a Message from Python.
                              Otherwise, you should prefer to use ModularWidget::notify_.
                              The MainControl itself also reacts to a Message, send with this method.
                              The Message will be deleted, after it was send to all ModularWidget's.
                  void sendMessage(Message& message);

                  /**   @name Menu entries handling
                  /** Insert a new menu entry into menu <b>ID</b> 
                              (creates a new menu if <b>ID</b> not existent).
                              See the documentation of the qt library for more information concerning menu creation.
                              \param ID the menu ID to which the new menu entry should be inserted
                              \param name the name of the new menu entry
                              \param receiver the object to which the menu action will be connected
                              \param slot the function that will be called by activation of the menu entry
                              \param description a unique descriptive string for the action
                              \param accel the acceleration key
                              \return int the new entry_ID
                  QAction* insertMenuEntry(Position parent_id, const String& name, const QObject* receiver = 0, 
                                                                               const char* slot = 0, const String& description = "", QKeySequence accel = QKeySequence());

                  void removeMenuEntry (Index parent_id, QAction* action);
                  /**   Initialize a new popup menu <b> ID</b>. 
                              If the MainControl has already the popup menu <b>ID</b> that QPopupMenu is returned.
                              See the documentation of the qt library for more information concerning the class QPopupMenu.
                              \param    ID the ID of the menu entry to be created.
                              \return   QPopupMenu* a pointer to the created QPopupMenu
                              \see      PopUpID
                  virtual QMenu* initPopupMenu(int ID);

                  /** Insert a separator into the popup menu <b> ID</b>. 
                              If the menu <b>ID</b> is not existent, it will be created first.
                              \param ID the id of the menu to which a separator will be inserted
                              \see   PopUpID
                  void insertPopupMenuSeparator(int ID);

                  /// Set a hint for a menu entry
                  void setMenuHint(QAction* id, const String& hint);

                  /// Get the hint for a menu entry
                  String getMenuHint(QAction* id) const;

                  /** Enable the delete entry for GenericControls.
                              Called by a GenericControl, if it has a selection, that can be deleted.
                  void setDeleteEntryEnabled(bool state);
                  /** Insert the delete entry for GenericControls.
                              Called by all GenericControls.
                  void insertDeleteEntry();

                  /// Get the ID of the last highlighted menu entry (used for the HelpViewer)
00535                   QAction* getLastHighLightedMenuEntry() { return last_highlighted_menu_entry_;}
                  /**   @name Methods for multithreading

                  /** Check wheter the stored composites can be modified at the moment.
                              This method returns true e.g. while a MD simulation is running.
                  bool compositesAreLocked() const;

                  /** Lock the Composites for a given Modular Widget.
                              This allows exclusive acces e.g. to delete or modify Composites and prevents those
                              nasty segfaults if an other thread works on the Composites.
                              @retrun true if the exclusive lock on the composites could be obtained
                  bool lockCompositesFor(ModularWidget* widget);

                  /// Lock the Composites for a given Modular Widget
                  bool unlockCompositesFor(ModularWidget* widget);

                  /// Get the ModularWidget with excluse access to the Composites
                  ModularWidget* getLockingWidget();

                  /// Return true if Representations are (re)calculated
                  bool updateOfRepresentationRunning();
                  /// Returns true, if the simulation was told to stop, but hasnt done this so far.
00564                   bool stopedSimulation() { return stop_simulation_;}

                  /** Set the simulation thread.
                              The instance of SimulationThread will be deleted after it
                              has finished. If an other simulation is still running, this
                              method returns false.
                  bool setSimulationThread(SimulationThread* thread);

                  /** Get the currently running SimulationThread or
                              zero pointer if no simulation running.
                  SimulationThread* getSimulationThread();

                  /** Method to query if multithreading is enabled.
                              Multithreaded code is used for serveral functions:
                      - Update of Representations
                              - Simulations
                              - Download PDB files
                              To debug such code it is often usefull to to be able to run it in
                              a singlethreaded mode. Every piece of multithreaded code should
                              therefore call this method and decide if it should run without multiple threads.
                              Furthermore most of the time, valid benchmark results can only be achived 
                              with one single thread.
                  bool useMultithreading();

                  /// See above
00593                   void setMultithreading(bool state)
                        {multi_threading_mode_ = state;}

                  bool isBusy() const;

                  /// Wait until the MainControl is not busy anymore
                  void wait();

                  /// Added overloaded method from QApplication for access in Python
                  void processEvents(Size ms);

                  /**   @name Accessors and Settings
                  /** Sets the text in the statusbar.
                              The statusbar has a label, whose text is set to the given argument.
                              It is possible to notify the user with a beep sound.
                              @param important If true, the message is also logged in the LogView, marked red in the statusbar and
                                                 shown there for a longer time
                              @param beep if true a beep tone is played to inform the user about a critical event
                  void setStatusbarText(const String& text, bool important = false, bool beep = false);

                  String getStatusbarText() const;
                  /// Get a const reference for the fragment database
00624                   const FragmentDB& getFragmentDB() const
                        { return fragment_db_;}

                  const ModelInformation& getModelInformation() const;

                  void setModelInformation(ModelInformation* mi);

                  /** BALLView stores the directory of the last file operation, e.g. when a PDB file is opened or saved.
                              This saves the user some time, since he doesnt have to change the folders in the file dialogs as often.
                              This method returns the last directory.
00637                   String getWorkingDir() const
                        { return working_dir_;}

                  /// Set the working directory for the next file dialog and file operation to the given directory.
                  void setWorkingDir(const String& dir);

                  /** This enables logging to an file for all messages send per LogStream .e.g. Log().error()
                  void enableLoggingToFile();
                  /** This disables logging to an file for all messages send per LogStream .e.g. Log().error()
                  void disableLoggingToFile();

                  /** Set the name for the logging file (see above) to the given name. 
                              This file is stored in the users home dir.
                  void setLoggingFilename(const String& string);

                  /// See above
                  const String& getLoggingFilename() const;

                  /// Set the proxy for HTTP and FTP operations
                  void setProxy(const String& host, Position port);

                  /// Get the hostname for the proxy
00663                   String getProxy() const { return proxy_;}

                  /// Get the port for the proxy
00666                   Position getProxyPort() const { return proxy_port_;}
                  bool isAboutToQuit() { return about_to_quit_;}

                  /**   @name Debugging and Diagnostics

                  /** Internal state dump.
                              Dump the current internal state of this mainControl to 
                              the output ostream <b>s</b> with dumping depth <b>depth</b>.
                              \param   s output stream where to output the internal state 
                              \param   depth the dumping depth
                  virtual void dump(std::ostream& s = std::cout, Size depth = 0) const;
                  /** Open a file.
                              This method is called to parse any command line arguments.
                              It iterates over all ModularWidgets and calls ModularWidget::canHandle
                              with the files extension (the suffix after the dot in the filename).
                              If one ModularWidget can handle the format, ModularWidget::openFile
                              is called.
                  virtual void openFile(const String& file) ;

                  /** @name Public slots
                  public slots:

                  /**   Initialize all registered ModularWidget objects.
                              It initializes the menu structure, the preferences dialogs and connects
                              every ModularWidget with the MainControl.
                              This method also creates the first menu entry <b> FILE </b> with its subentry
                              <b> EXIT </b> to exit the application.
                              See ModularWidget for further information concerning menu structure creation
                              and preferences handling. \par
                              Calls registerConnectionObject() \par
                              Calls fetchPreferences() \par
                              Calls applyPreferences() \par
                              Calls insertMenuEntry() \par
                              Calls ModularWidget::initializeWidget() \par
                              Calls QMainWindow::show() \par
                              Note: Call this method to start the application.
                  virtual void show();

                  /** Menu checking method.
                              This method checks, enables or disables all inserted menu entries of the
                              registered ModularWidget objects.
                              If this method is overridden make sure that it will be called at the end of 
                              the new <b>checkMenus()</b> method.
                              See ModularWidget for further information concerning menu structure creation.\par
                              <b>Note:</b> This method will be called internally whenever the menu structure needs an update.
                              Calls ModularWidget::checkMenu\par
                              \see        ModularWidget::checkMenu
                  virtual void checkMenus();

                  /// Stop a currently running calculation
                  void stopSimulation();
                  void complementSelection();

                  /** Last second cleanup.
                              This method will be called internally if the MainControl is about to be destroyed.
                              This method stores the preferences and finalizes all ModularWidget objects
                              and the MainControl.
                              Must be called after your own cleanup routine if you override this method.\par
                              Calls ModularWidget::finalizePreferencesTab \par
                              Calls ModularWidget::finalizeWidget \par
                              Calls writePreferences \par
                              Calls finalizePreferencesTab \par
                              Calls removeModularWidget \par
                              Calls INIFile::write \par
                  virtual void aboutToExit();

                  /** Slot that is called when a menu item is highlighted.
                              It is used to show a hint for every menu entry.
                              @see setMenuHint
                              @see getMenuHint
                  void menuItemHighlighted(QAction* action);
                  /// Interface to QT events, e.g. to communicate with other threads
                  virtual bool event(QEvent* e);

                  /// Make the program exit
                  virtual void quit(int return_value = 0);
                  /// overloaded from QT for Python Interface
                  virtual void resize(int w, int h );

                  void setContentSize(int w, int h);

                  void toggleFullScreen();

                  /// Create a BALLView project file with the name quick.bvp in the users home dir
                  void quickSave();

                  /// Quickload quick.bvp in the users home die (see above)
                  void quickLoad();
                  void saveBALLViewProjectFile(); 

                  void loadBALLViewProjectFile();

                  void quickLoadConfirm();

                  protected slots:

                  /*_ This slot is called internally whenever the apply button
                              of the Preferences dialog     is pressed.
                              It calls among other things the method applyPreferences().
                  virtual void applyPreferencesClicked_();
                  /*_ This slot is called internally whenever the ok button
                              of the Preferences dialog     is pressed.
                              It calls among other things the method applyPreferences().
                  virtual void okPreferencesClicked_();

                  //_ Called by timer to clear the text in the statusbar
                  void clearStatusBarText_();

                  // Connected to the delete entry
                  virtual void deleteClicked();

                  void updateRepLabel_();


                  virtual void initializePreferencesTab_();

                  //_  Called after receiving an SimulationThreadFinished event
                  void stopedSimulation_();

                  void lockComposites_();

                  /*_ Remove a composite.
                              Every Representation, which was created for the Composite is deleted, by sending a 
                              RepresentationMessage with type RepresentationMessage::REMOVE.\par
                              Redraws representations of the parent of the Composite, if wished.
                              \return bool <tt>true</tt> if the CompositeManager has the Composite
                  bool remove_(Composite& composite, bool update_representations_of_parent = true, 
                                                                                                                         bool to_delete = true);

                  /*_ Select the composite parents of the geometric objects.
                              The GeometricObjectSelectionMessage is sent by the Scene.
                  void selectComposites_(GeometricObjectSelectionMessage& message);

                  void reduceSelection_(Composite* const composite);

                  //_ Called by constructors
                  void setup_();

                  void complementSelectionHelper_(Composite& c);

                  /** Show a busy cursor and a busy icon in the statusbar.
                  void setBusyMode_(bool state);

                  void setPreferencesEnabled_(bool state);

                  void init_();

                  bool                                            about_to_quit_;
                  bool                                            multi_threading_mode_;  

                  FragmentDB                                                  fragment_db_;

                  ModelInformation*                               model_information_;

                  /*_ List with the selected composites
                  HashSet<Composite*>                       selection_;

                  /*_ List with the selected composites of the control.
                              (Not the one with the checkboxes!)
                  List<Composite*>                                control_selection_;           

                  /*_ Message label in the statusbar
                              \see setStatusbarText
                  QLabel*                                                           message_label_;

                  RepresentationManager               primitive_manager_;
                  CompositeManager                                composite_manager_;     
                  ShortcutRegistry            shortcut_registry_;

                  MainControlPreferences*             main_control_preferences_;
                  OpenSavePreferences*                      open_save_preferences_;
                  NetworkPreferences*                       network_preferences_;
                  Preferences*                                                preferences_dialog_;
                  INIFile                                                                 preferences_file_;
                  bool                                                                    composites_locked_;
                  ModularWidget*                                        locking_widget_;
                  bool                                                                stop_simulation_;

                  SimulationThread*                               simulation_thread_;

                  /*_   A list containing all modular widgets.
                              This list is modified by addModularWidget and
                  List<ModularWidget*>                      modular_widgets_;
                  QLabel*             simulation_icon_;
                  QLabel*             rep_label_;
                  static const char  *simulation_running_xpm_[];
                  static const char  *simulation_stoped_xpm_[];
                  Position                              rep_label_nr_;

                  String                                          working_dir_;

                  String                                          logging_file_name_;
                  bool                                            logging_to_file_;
                  File                                            logging_file_;

                  bool                                            important_text_in_statusbar_;
                  bool                                            was_not_busy_;
                  Index                                           rep_label_delta_;
                  QTimer                                          timer_;
                  QTimer                                          render_timer_;
                  Mutex                                           composites_locked_mutex_;

                  String                                          proxy_;
                  Position                                  proxy_port_;

                  QAction* stop_simulation_action_;
                  QAction* complement_selection_action_;
                  QAction* open_action_;
                  QAction* save_project_action_;
                  QAction* preferences_action_;
                  QAction* delete_action_;
                  QAction* qload_action_, *qsave_action_;

                  QAction* last_highlighted_menu_entry_;
                  HashMap<Position, QMenu*> id_to_menu_;
                  bool                          fullscreen_;
                  QPoint                        last_point_;
                  QSize                         last_size_;
                  QByteArray        last_state_;

#           ifndef BALL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS
#                 include <BALL/VIEW/KERNEL/mainControl.iC>
#           endif 
            }     // namespace VIEW
      } // namespace BALL


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